Your Mental Framework Determines Meaning.

Mental Frameworks

Mental frameworks are like templates that we have framed over time to help us understand our world. Without a framework what we hear and see does not make sense. We interpret what we see and hear and know through our senses based on these frameworks. Most of us are not conscious of these frameworks. They have been developed over time through learning and training. Some schools program us  and indoctrinate us with their philosophy to think and perceive in a certain way. Such programming from an early age distorts reality and deludes us into thinking in a certain narrow way. Communism and other isms have pursued this path of indoctrination. We therefore interpret what we see and hear based on those frameworks. Anything outside that frame of reference is seen as an anathema.


Our mind can be trained to think in certain ways which can be destructive or constructive. Cults are known to indoctrinate their followers in certain ways. The boundaries are so rigid that anything outside them will cause distress or breakdown. Emotions are aroused to hate and not to love. Jihad is a good example of this. Followers of the radical wing of Islam are trained to hate the infidels and if necessary kill them. So also in other radical persuasions the same dynamic operates.


Jesus came to proclaim the year of deliverance. Many saw Him as the Deliverer from the oppressive Roman empire. Others saw Him as the Messiah. The interpretation was based on their mental framework. Finally one group won and they crucified Him.Yet God’s purpose was fulfilled. What was planned for destruction by the devil eventuated in the salvation of the world. We see the same scenarios being enacted today. COVID-19 is waking people up to the reality of death and at the same time many are crying out to God for salvation. What was meant for destruction is now turning many hearts to God. Paul was out to destroy the followers of Jesus but one encounter changed him into a follower. Examine your mental framework and understand others from their frame of reference.

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