Is God An Idol Or A Person To Be Worshipped ?

God created us in His image. We are an image of God not God. An image is a reflection and not the real thing. When you look in the mirror you see an image of you. When you confuse the image with your real self then confusion will rule. This is what is happening around us. We are worshipping the false image of ourselves as seen in the mirror rather than who we really are. We promote ourselves and cover up our weaknesses and blemishes and sell a false self to others. This world is full of deception because fear rules our lives. Fear can become an idol that is worshipped. How? Fear drives us to do things to hide ourselves from the real. The real is too frightening and so we accept the unreal. The unreal is an idol to prop up the false self. What a dilemma we find ourselves in. Who can rescue us from this false idol?Jesus came to save us from our fallen self. We were born in sin. Just as Adam and Eve covered themselves with leaves to cover their nakedness so we too cover ourselves with a covering to hide our real self. This cover up will work for a while but will not last. One day we will have to confront the real self beneath our cover. This is a reality test. If all your thoughts could be projected for others to see, what would you do? Commit suicide? Death can be an escape but there is a better way. Face up to your real you in Christ. He came for sinners not for saints. Jesus is the real person who walked on the earth to show us the way out of the madness we are in. We can be a new creation in Him. He wants to restore us to the original person God created, and to live for eternity. Before Adam and Eve sinned they were destined to live for eternity. The fall led to them becoming limited in their life, and death was the result. Now God has made a way for us to shed our pretence and to accept the real. When we face the reality of our sin then we become real and can be saved. This is the best time to be saved from worshipping the idol of our fallen self and be transformed to be a child of God.When you pray this prayer you can enter into the real you. Pray, Father I have sinned. Please forgive me  for all my sins. I accept your forgiveness. I receive your salvation through your Son Jesus who died for my sins. I receive Him as my Lord and believe He rose from the dead. Thank you for saving me. Thank you that now I am free to be me.
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