The Empty Suitcase: Death

We live in days where death is evident around the world more then ever. Already COVID-19 has taken over half a million people. Many nations continue to struggle to contain its spread and thousands die daily. When death and destruction are in the news daily, people begin to wonder what life is all about. The security of wealth, power and fame is threatened and death becomes a reality. Most of us deny the fact of death and its finality. We live in the illusion that we will live forever. We tend to think more of the present than the future; but suddenly we can be faced with the reality of death, when someone we know dies. Many choose to exit early and commit suicide. In the community, a general sense of depression sets in. What do we do?

Jesus overcame the fear of death, and death itself, by rising from the dead. This is the most profound event in history that divided time into before and after Christ. Yet many doubt this historical event and the Jews cover it all up, by spinning a tale that His disciples made up a story of His resurrection. How long can we keep lying to ourselves and not face the truth? Lies cannot cover up truth. The truth will never die. Truth is fact and absolute truth is absolute fact. Nowadays, in the world, there is no such thing as absolute truth. Everything is relative truth depending on where you stand. A cup is half empty or half full. It depends on how you view it; this is how you perceive it. 

I believe the Truth and I have chosen to follow Jesus. He has promised me eternal life now and I have no fear of death. I live for Him who gave Himself for me. He died for me that I may one day live with Him in Heaven. In fact I already live with Him in Heaven in my spirit. Come and join me and overcome all fear of death and live with Him for eternity as your inheritance and Heaven as your destiny. Don’t delay, come today, as Jesus is calling you now, to accept Him as your Lord and Saviour. Pray this prayer: Lord Jesus I am a sinner. Forgive me for my sins. I accept your offer of salvation. I confess you are Lord and believe you rose from the dead. Amen

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