The Word Of God Has Many Layers, Just Like An Onion.

 God’s Word is a person and His Name is Jesus. Many read His Word like a letter and forget His Word is a person. Once you come to realise that His Word cannot be separated from His personality, new light dawns on you. Your eyes open to a new dimension of truth. You move from treating the Word like a letter and come to know the person behind the letter. You begin to absorb the personality of Jesus. You are on your way to become like Jesus. It’s like once you knew about God but now you know Him. People who get upset about the letter of the Word are like the Pharisees who missed the point of the Word. They were so taken up by the letter that they missed the substance. What a shame.

We too can get caught up with the letter of the Word and miss the Spirit of Jesus behind the Word. This is why Jesus said to some, I never knew you. They were surprised since they did miracles by invoking His Name. Yet they never knew Him. How sad. Beware of those who preach the Word but don’t know the Author. Many preach from their soul realm and not the Spirit realm. This is an offence to the Lord. Our soul is being transformed. Our spirit has been redeemed at the Cross. We are born again in the spirit and not the soul.

God has made Himself known to us by sending His Son, Jesus, is God in the flesh. We now have access to God the Father through His Son. The devil does not have access to God but he has access to us. He does this through our flesh. He tempts us and distracts us by keeping us bound in the flesh God has provided everything we need to live an abundant life here on earth. We need to surrender all to Him so that nothing can hinder His supply. Walk in the Spirit and do not gratify the desires of the flesh. This is the only way to enjoy Him and His salvation.

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