The Same Spirit That Raised Christ From The Dead Operates In You

    Romans 8:11 states that the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in you. This is amazing. Resurrection power lives in you. Why do we not experience this power to the full measure? I think it is because we do not really believe this truth. If we did believe this then we would be raising the dead just as Jesus did. We would be free from all sickness, disease and disorder just like Jesus. No demon would be able to assail us. The power of the resurrection is present today because Jesus lives. It was our crucifixion and resurrection with Him that freed us from the power of sin (Rom 6:5 – 8; Eph 2:5, 6). Without His resurrection, His death would have been like any other death. This is the difference between Jesus Christ and other religious leaders who lived and died and still are in their tombs. This is why Jesus is the only way to Heaven.

Jesus died and rose from the dead to redeem all mankind from sin and to righteousness. By faith we believe in the Word of God that says He rose from the dead. Our faith is also based on evidence and is not just blind faith. This evidence makes it more certain that we can live in resurrection power. This power is available to all who confess He is Lord. Those who believe will experience His resurrection power. These are some of the signs that will follow believers: sickness and disease will leave us and we will be healed; and demons will leave us as His power in us will drive them out.  This is heaven on earth. This is His Kingdom being established on earth as it is in Heaven.

Why do we not see more of this in our churches? Why is the church struggling to survive? I believe it is because we have compromised with the world. We have listened to the lies of the devil and conformed to his lies. The world operates on his lies and so is unaware of resurrection power. We who have been saved should know better but the pressure to conform is huge. The only way out is to believe and receive afresh His resurrection power and walk by faith. His Spirit will fill us to overflowing and we will be empowered to see signs and wonders following us.

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