You Were A God Thought Before You Were Created

Everything created begins with a thought. God thought of you before you were created. This thought alone must make you feel so precious and worthy. You are not just a complex of cells. You are a creation of God. You were made in His image for a purpose. God knew you even before you were created in your mother’s womb. God decided a plan that only you can fulfil. Now it is up to us to know His plan and fulfil it. How is it then that most fail to know this? Many are born with gifts but use them to glorify self rather than God. This is why Jesus came to show us the way.

From the beginning God had planned for man to glorify Him. His creation however went astray and desired to be like God rather than glorify Him. The created turned to itself and lost the original intent. We were created by God for God. We now live for self. This is what sin does. It turns everything that was made for good to serve evil. So we see the results in the world we live in. Every kind of evil is the result as described in Romans 1. Without God we become like animals.

We need to come to the place where we find ourselves in God. The only way to find ourselves in Him is to repent and turn to Him. Jesus came to help us do just this by dying for us. He reversed the curse and brought us into the light. We were once in darkness but now we are in the light as He is in the light. In Him there is no darkness. Now we must walk in the light as He is in the light and thus have fellowship with Him. Now we can fulfil His will and purpose for our life. Now we can speak forth His word and create life. We were once under a curse, but now we are under a blessing as God intended.

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