It Only Takes A God Thought To Reverse Your Condition

God thought of you and created you. It all starts with a thought. God created the world through a thought. We are spirit beings and a spirit thought can bring about your transformation. Now we know we have many thoughts. Most of our thoughts are from our soulish realm. Our soul is made up of our mind (with its thoughts), emotions and will. We have millions of thoughts per day, even when we sleep. They keep us bound to the physical realm. However we have spirit-led thoughts too from our spirit. These spirit thoughts are from God and are thus in tune with God’s word. They are holy and constructive. These thoughts come as we spend time with God and His word.

When we pray we are connecting with the spirit realm. The Holy Spirit gives us thoughts which we pray and connect with the throne room in heaven. When we pray for healing, a healing thought can reverse a disease. In the spirit realm there are no limitations. This is why we are called to pray to implement His will on earth as it is in heaven. Our prayers are impeded by our thoughts from our soulish realm. Our own thoughts of unbelief often interfere with God’s word of healing. This then becomes a process where we have to wait to see His thought manifested in our life.

God’s thought is real. He speaks His word and performs it. His Holy Spirit was sent to help us in this process. This is why we need to be filled by the Spirit and walk in the Spirit. We must be obedient to His word. It is obedience that results in works. God manifests Himself through His works. We can think a lot of God thoughts but till we respond in obedience, we may never see His works. Love is demonstrated by obedience. This is where our will must be submitted to His will and so walk in it. Come now and expect to receive a God thought for your difficult situation and see the situation reverse. Whether it is for healing, relationship issues or any issue that needs to be in line with God’s will, it only takes a God thought to reverse it.

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2 thoughts on “It Only Takes A God Thought To Reverse Your Condition

  1. Hi John,

    Is hell- a place of everlasting torment? Suffering Really? Or does it reflect the meaning of finish/end. ?



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