Satan Is The God Of This World.

Satan is the god of this world. This is why we see so much disorder and chaos in this world. Sickness and disease are also the product of this. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. This is his mission. Therefore what we see in this world is the works of his activity in every sphere of life. Physical and mental illness can be attributed to his works. The demons are active to infest people and cause these conditions. Why then is there so little done to reverse this? One needs to be spiritually aware to discern the demonic realm. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. The world does not know and is blind to Satan. The world in its blindness will look to other factors to explain illness and disease. This is a cover up to the works of darkness.

Jesus came to give sight to the blind. This is not just physical blindness but spiritual blindness. When our spiritual eyes are opened to the spirit world then we see things we were blind to before. We become enlightened to the real forces behind the negative manifestations. Satan can come as an angel of light. One needs discernmentt o know what is of darkness and what is of the light. The church has also compromised with the spirit of the world and lost its discernment. This is why the church is so powerless and needs to return to its original design.

When the works of darkness are exposed then they can be cancelled in the Name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus. Satan cannot stand the Name of Jesus or His blood. This is the way to reverse the effects of the works of darkness. We suffer the effects of sin. The effects of sin on our spirit were cancelled when we received Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. Now we have to be renewed in our minds to reverse the effects of sin on our soul (Rom 12:2). This is a process and for some it is faster than for others. It is dependent on our submission to Him and obedience. We will have to fight the forces of darkness on earth till we die. In heaven we will be totally free from Satanic forces. Hallelujah.

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