Boundaries are like walls that keep one safe and separate from the other. Boundaries are necessary to keep one safe from the intrusions of the other. When one’s boundaries are blurred then it is possible for another to transgress and enter one’s space. Personal space is personal and another cannot come in unless allowed to do so. What separates one from another enables each to respect each other. Where there is’nt a clear boundary then all other transgressions will take place. Abuse of any kind is a result of blurred boundaries. An insecure identity is related to blurred boundaries. A secure identity gives rise to clear boundaries as the secure identity knows what one’s limitations are. Limitations are a good sign of maturity. Limits define one’s ability to take a course of action which is within one’s abilities. Without these limits one tends to try anything and hopes one hits a target. Blurred boundaries lead to lack of direction and purpose. A person who lacks boundaries is like a bull without a fence to keep them in. When fences are broken intruders will come in and take residence.
There are physical boundaries and emotional boundaries. Physical boundary defines an area which can be seen. Emotional boundaries are unseen but can be defined by the language used to define relationships. When one speaks for another then there is a blurred boundary in that relationship. When one makes decisions without consulting the other then this is a sign of a blurred relationship or a dysfunctional relationship. In families blurred boundaries give rise to all kinds of transgressions which result in conflict and bad feelings.
In the spirit realm also there are boundaries. Evil will cross boundaries where there is’nt a boundary. The blood of Jesus is a boundary. Your faith is a boundary. Forces that seek to usurp your position in Christ is an enemy. These forces can be spiritual or material. There is no limit in the ways the devil can distract you from your chief calling. Therefore beware of your boundaries. When you feel confused and indecisive then you know that someone or something has transgressed your boundary. When a boundary is broken then a person will be filled with fear and doubt. Fear then controls you and leads you to break down internally and this leads to anxiety, depression and sometimes even psychosis. All these are a result of boundary transgression. Such transgression occurs when one allows one’s boundary to be transgressed because of not taking action to guard your boundary or allowing external forces to transgress it by default.
The solution is to be sure of your identity by accepting yourself and working towards repairing your boundaries. This will then lead to clear and direct communication which will then enable you to be clear in your decisions. Clear thinking leads to clear decisions which lead to goals being achieved and success.

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