God’s address

Where is God’s address? God’s address is in you. He resides in you. Therefore His address is you. What a powerful thought. If God’s address is in me then I am where God is. God is everywhere but He has chosen to reside in me and in everyone who is washed by the blood of Jesus. God cannot reside in one who is not washed. God’s presence is around us but He can only reside in those who have been washed in the blood of His Son, Jesus. His sacrifice is the only sufficient means of entrance into His personal presence in you. God cannot stand in the presence of sin because He is sinless. The only answer to sin is His blood. Just as the spirit of death passed over the doors painted with the blood so also sin cannot have dominion over you in His presence. It is His presence in you that enables you to defeat all evil and the tempter of your soul. His presence in you will enable you to see as He sees and feel as He feels. You become like Him as you see and feel like Him. When you see and feel like Him then you will behave like Him. This is how you will represent Him on earth. What a marvellous transaction. Paul reasoned and witnessed to this fact and many were saved from eternal damnation. Your life given up for His cause will also bear the same fruits of redemption. Only the blood of Jesus can do this. All who are called will be saved.

Photo by Denys Gromov on Pexels.com

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