Socialism And Christianity.

There are many values in socialism that appear to be like Christian values. The social benefits of caring for the poor and providing an equality of resources to all are commendable values. However the state control of resources takes away individual initiative and progress. Christian values are akin to some socialist values but individual rights are not compromised. Socialism appears attractive but those in control do still live extravagant lives. Capital is located in the hands of a few and the rest are cared for by the state. This appears good and sounds good but due to human greed it will not last long. 

Christianity is, on the other hand, a value driven system that acknowledges God and His supremacy in all areas of life. This means that there are some who will not accept this system and thus reject God. Socialism does not necessarily acknowledge the supremacy of God. It is based on humanistic values and tries to provide equality for all. Acceptance and equality for all is what drives this system of government. This is commendable but mostly not practical. Many have confused Christianity with socialism because it sounds right.

Many Christians are caught in this dilemma and compromise their faith and values. Issues like abortion, gay marriage, and euthanasia become social issues which conflict with Christian values. There are many Christians therefore who support these issues in the name of acceptance. However God is clear in His word about these issues. How does one then manage these issues but through compromise. This is the state of affairs that many find challenging and without a strong faith in God they easily give in to popular opinion. Christians must stand for justice and righteousness. There can be no compromise of Christian values as this is sin. Sin is knowing what is right and not doing it. Jesus is clear that those who call Him Lord must put Him first in all areas of life. Choose today to acknowledge Him as Lord and not to compromise with the socialist system.

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