Hearing God’s Voice Is Like Coming Home.

Hearing God’s voice is possible when you become a child of God. This is like the prodigal son who came home to his father. We were all wanderers till we heard the Father’s call to come home. This is what is called the conversion experience. We heard Him call us by name and we responded to His call. Now He says we are children of God. What a home coming it was. We will continue to hear His voice as we walk by the Spirit. Jesus came to bring us back to the Father. We were lost and wandered around till we heard His call. He is calling all to come home to Him. This was the purpose for which He came to earth. To show us the way to the Father. 

Hearing God’s voice is the most intimate experience one can have. It is so comforting and assuring. There are so many voices that compete for our attention. In the midst of all those voices, we can hear Him speak if we listen. All we need to do is to wait and listen. He comes as a still small voice. Many times it is a thought that appears out of the blue. You know the difference for it does not appear to be a natural thought. It has a quality beyond the natural. You catch that initial thought and others follow. This is how I hear Him and then I write down His thoughts in a blog.

Some hear His voice as a audible sound. I rarely have this experience.  Some see a picture in their mind’s eye. I rarely have this either. However when it happens I know it is from the Father. It comes out of the blue and the experience is so exhilarating. God wants an intimate relationship with us. He speaks in different ways to assure us of His love. He confirms His word with signs following (Mark 16:20). Come to the Father today and expect Him to speak to you personally. His voice makes you feel like a son and thus accepted. No more feeling rejected. Today, when you hear Him calling you, is the day of your salvation.

Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels.com

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