What Is The Face Of Your Character?

We are so taken up by externals and deceived that we fail to see who is within us. God sees our heart. When we shift our seeing from the external to the way God sees us then a shift will occur. Seeing ourselves and others as God sees us is the shift we need to make to overcome our flesh. Our flesh is at enmity with our spirit. Our spirit wants to cooperate with God but our flesh wants to do it our way. This is how the world operates and Frank Sinatra’s song “I did it my way” illustrates this. 

God is looking for a people of character. He called us to be sons and daughters of His Kingdom. We are not of the world. We are part of His heavenly Kingdom. Yet we often behave like the world and not of the Kingdom. Why this discrepancy between who we are and what we see? I believe this is because we have not embraced His truth about us but have given in to the lie of the devil. The devil will keep us bound to our flesh and not let us walk according to the Spirit. The devil is a fallen spirit being. We are redeemed spirit beings. He is jealous of our status as sons of God. 

Come now and see yourself as how God sees you. You have been purchased by Jesus blood. You are no more a slave but a son. Live and operate in this heart knowledge. Many have head knowledge but lack the experiential knowledge of truly knowing who they are. Once we know in our heart we will be different in the way we talk and walk. Look within you and see that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords lives within you. He has come to take over your life and be the Lord of your life. Today is the day of your salvation.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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