Evil Thoughts And Thoughts Of Evil

Our thoughts are what makes us human. There are several sources for our thoughts. We receive thoughts from God, the devil, the world and ourselves. We have millions of thoughts daily even when we sleep. Most of our thoughts are at a sub-conscious level. Our thoughts affect our feelings and sometimes we are not aware that our feelings were sparked off by our thoughts. We are aware of our feelings but rarely do we connect our feelings with our thoughts. They are connected and this is the basis of cognitive behaviour therapy. Our thoughts are powerful and determine our actions. When we have negative thoughts we become depressed and withdraw. When we have positive thoughts we feel happy and have a good time.

Evil thoughts are sudden thoughts that we receive out of the blue. We may be doing something and suddenly this thought crosses our mind. We think it is our thought but it is from the enemy. The enemy cannot read our thoughts but he can send a negative vile thought to us. This is why we need to discern the source of our thoughts. We get confused and blame ourselves for entertaining these negative thoughts. Refuse to accept responsibility for these thoughts. Resist them for they are like fiery arrows sent to discourage and attack us. 

Thoughts of evil on the other hand are our own thoughts that we entertain. These maybe jealous, hateful thoughts or sexual lustful thoughts. They usually are sparked off by an event or situation. We need to take responsibility for these thoughts and reject them and not entertain them. If we do entertain them, we sin. We need to repent of these thoughts. They pollute our minds but there is a way out through the cleansing blood of Jesus.  There is always a way of escape from temptation. We have to make the choice to entertain or reject these thoughts. God is holy and we are called to be holy. This starts with our thought life. We are the temple of the living God. The Holy Spirit resides within us and He will alert us to unholy thoughts. Come and be cleansed today in the blood of Jesus and be set free.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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