The Spirit Of Man Is In His Seed

We are all familiar with seeds. When we sow a seed we expect to see the fruit of that seed. Apple seeds will produce apples. Orange seeds will produce oranges. A good seed will produce good fruit. A bad seed will produce bad fruit. This applies to all creation. Adulterated seeds will produce fruit that are adulterated or mixed. We hear of animals of pure breed. This means that the ancestral line of that animal is from a pure stock and unadulterated. The pure breed has the spirit of its ancestry and carries value. God planted His seed into us and this is imperishable seed. This happened when we were born again. The imperishable seed of God was implanted in us and we are now called children of God. We have a Heavenly Father.

Human seed likewise carries the spirit of the person. A child carries the spirit of each parent. The characteristics of the parents are handed down through their genes to their children. Some personality traits of the parents can be seen in their children. We hear of the common phrase, Like father like son. If a son steals, the blame is put on his father. If the father has a short temper, his child may have the same trait. How does this apply to human transmission of spirits through artificial insemination?  Seeds of both parents are passed on to the child. What effect does this have on children where the seeds are not of the parents? Is this a form of adulteration?

How does God see such children? God hates adultery. Does this apply to artificial insemination too? These are tough questions for parents who are unable to conceive either due to lack of their own seed or other issues. God joined a man and women to procreate and bear children of their own. If this then crosses boundaries what is the cost to the child? Yet God has provided a way of escape. The natural seed of the parents only applies to the earthly life. There is a higher life that each person can receive through the imperishable seed of God. This seed cancels all other forms of inheritance as it is eternal. Natural seed is perishable and therefore limited to this life. Praise God He has provided an imperishable seed that replaces and provides eternal life. This is the seed of the Holy Spirit.

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