Everything On Earth Is Temporary. Nothing Is Permanent.

On earth everything that we see and know is temporary. Death is a reality. Everything has a time limit. All things made will fade over time. Some things increase in value but they are still destructible. Nothing is permanent. Yet we put so much time and effort into these things, both animate and inanimate. Why are we so stupid to think that what we have will last forever? We fail to comprehend the truth because we live mainly in denial of the impermanence of life as we know it. Yet God has promised us eternal life in Jesus.

Jesus came to restore us to the original state, which was designed to exist for eternity. Adam and Eve were like God and enjoyed a freedom and authority on earth like God. But through the Fall everything became limited due to death. Death became the cause for a lot of destruction through the ages. Man turned against God and God turned against man. This sad story continues today as we continue to rebel against God. We want to conquer death through our own means and be like God. How can the created be like the Creator?

In our foolishness we gave up what God intended for good and exchanged it for our own selfish desires. We became god created in our own image. Therefore God gave us up and let us go our own way. We see the consequences of the Fall in everyday life. We have become so immoral and selfish and worship ourselves and our achievements. We were made in the image of God and so have the potential to achieve much, but it is all in vain. Death hounds us in every corner. What is the way of escape? Only Jesus promises us eternal life and a restoration back to the original design. Choose Him today to be your Lord and Saviour and enjoy eternal life now.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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