How To Translate Your Faith To Action In Jesus’ Name.

Faith is easily said but many do not understand the depth of this word. Many have tried to define faith as trust, hope, evidence of things not seen. It is all that, but more. God created the worlds by faith. The blind man was healed by faith. The lame man walked by faith. Water was turned into wine by faith. So what is faith? Words fail to define faith because it is something that God has dealt in measure to each one (Rom 12:3).  As Christians, we all have a degree of faith and therefore are able to see the invisible realm to a degree. However God imparts faith to not only see the impossible but also make it possible. 

To have faith in God is to believe in Him. Without faith no man can come to God. God has imparted to us a degree of faith to be able to believe in Him. However to do exploits in God we need to have the gift of faith given by the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 12:9). This is the faith of God. This is supernatural faith. This is faith that believes beyond all doubt. This is the faith that enabled Peter to walk on water. There are so many examples of this faith in action in the Bible. Recently I heard of a testimony of faith in a prophetic word for compensation to come to pass. In natural terms it was impossible but faith in the spoken word broke through the barriers.

We too can see the prophetic word come into action. Faith without works is dead. Faith must result in works. God promised us that He will do what He promised to do. The Apostle John prayed for health and prosperity even as our soul prospers (3 John 2). We either believe His word or walk in unbelief. I choose to walk by faith. I will  believe till I see the fruit of my faith in God’s promises being fulfilled daily in my life. We can grow in faith as we walk by faith. Choose to walk by faith today and see the impossible become possible.

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