What Is Your Filter? Is It The Word Of God?

What is your filter that allows your perception of what you hear and see? All of us have filters that help us to process the information we receive from our senses. These filters enable us to accept and reject information. They are like inbuilt defences. Negative information is rejected. Our filters are like our conscience. Our conscience helps us to be sensitive to the voice of God and to others. Without a conscience we will be like animals that have no conscience. We were made in the image of God. The rest of creation was not. Therefore it is sacrilegious to say we have evolved from monkeys. This is why we need to know the word of God to counter the nonsense from the opinions of man. Man was born in sin and therefore our knowledge and wisdom are fallen and partial. Our knowledge of truth is partial till we know the Truth.

Jesus is our Truth. He came to redeem us from our fallen state. Now He is our filter. When we acknowledge Him as Lord, He becomes Lord. He is not just our Saviour but also our Lord. He becomes our conscience. This is why we face so many battles in this life, for truth is always attacked. The world does not know Him. He came into the world but the world knew Him not. When we are born again in the spirit we come to know Him as God. Yet despite this we still see so many versions of Christianity amongst His followers. Why is this so? Our spirit is redeemed but our flesh is not. Our flesh continues to be influenced by sin and is susceptible to sin. 

What is the way out of this dilemma? Paul addresses this issue in Romans 8. Only in the Spirit can we find true freedom from the desires of the flesh. We could be in the spirit but still walk in the flesh. This is why we say a lot of right things but then live like the world.  We need to be filled with the Spirit and walk in the Spirit. These days the church is like the world and so has lost its light and salt. We are called to be light and salt in the world. We need to repent for our tastelessness and darkness and return to His light. When we do this, we usher in the glory of God into our midst. We need to filter out all ungodliness and worldliness and become holy in His presence. This is the only way to cause a revival to break forth in our midst. Let us start today and continue daily till we are called home to His heavenly abode.

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

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