The Power Of Life Eternal. No Beginning, No End.

The power of eternal life is endless. Jesus promised eternal life to those who believe in Him and receive Him as Lord and Saviour. Yet we do not see this power in evidence in our lives. Why? I believe it is because we have not received His message in our hearts. The disciples believed and then went on to implement their belief and operated in the power of eternal life. There is no limit to the power of eternal life. God operates in the eternal realm because He has no beginning and no end. His creation has form but Father God has no physical form, because He is spirit. He created the universe and all that is in it through the word of His power. In the beginning was the Word. His eternal power came in the form of His word. The Word came to earth in the form of a man called Jesus and dwelt amongst us (John 1:1, 2 & 14). 

Jesus chose to come in the form of a man in order to be the perfect sacrifice for us because of sin. He came to reverse the effects of the Fall of man through sin. The eternal life in man was limited through death because of sin. Now God promises eternal life through Jesus. What a marvellous transaction that God arranged that we could be restored to our original sate. Man was originally created in the image of God. Now God through Jesus is restoring us into His image. Once we grasp this truth it becomes a powerful force to transform us for eternity.

The word of God is eternal. When we receive His word by faith it becomes flesh in us. His word of healing takes form and heals us. His word of deliverance delivers us from all demonic forces. He restores our soul and leads us beside the still waters. This is the plan and will of God for all mankind. He calls all to come to Him. He bars no one for His offer of salvation is free. His reward is eternal life which money cannot buy. One must be a fool to reject His offer and choose to follow other gods. Our spirit lives on although one day we will physically die. Now we can operate in the Spirit and have access to all His power on earth as it is in heaven. What a salvation, what a life! I will not exchange His life for anything the world can offer. My goal is to share this life with others so that they too can enjoy eternal life in Jesus.

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