In The Midst Of Many Voices, We Need To Hear Only One Voice – God’s Voice.

There are many voices that demand our attention. Some of these voices are helpful and others not so helpful. We need to choose each day whose voice we listen to. Many are the pressures we face daily and many voices seek to gain our attention. There are internal voices and external voices. They bombard our psyche and try to lead us astray from God’s voice. His voice is drowned amidst these many voices. How can we discern God’s voice to lead us and guide us? We need to come apart and give Him our time. We need to shut out these other voices which are just noise. 

God’s voice is clear and gentle and peaceful. It comes like something out of the blue. It is a suddenly. It enlightens and stirs the spirit within us. It is warm and gentle and never harsh. It brings in joy like rain to a parched soul. We need to practice listening in to His voice. It becomes clearer as we continue to practice listening to Him. We get bold and strong as we listen to His voice. His voice is like His word, firm and strong. He will then confirm His voice with signs following. Always ask Him and He will respond. Include Him in all your daily commitments and chores. He will lead you and guide you. He will become more real to you than any other voice. In this way you will be led by the Spirit and walk in the Spirit.

This is the life God has called us to walk in. Jesus walked on earth as if He operated from heaven. We too are called to walk like Him. This is to live a heavenly life on earth. Let praise and worship be a constant activity in your walk. He loves praise and we create an atmosphere of peace and joy when we live in praise. The enemy of our soul can’t stand praise. Run from evil and satanic environments that seek to destroy and not build up. Discern where you are and who you are with. There maybe relationships you need to sever as they are detrimental to your walk. The Kingdom life is not just talk. It needs to be lived. Faith without action is empty and powerless. We need to act on His word and see His Kingdom established on earth as it is in heaven.

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