Believe, Think, Say And Act.

Believe on the word of God. God’s word is His thought. God thinks and creates through His spoken word. We too can now believe His word and do likewise. Believing is to trust God’s Word and not doubt. God always rewards trust. Faith is basically trusting God to do what He says He will do. When we pray we ask God to provide, bless, heal and restore what He has already planned for us. We have to believe that God has a plan for each of us to fulfil on earth. This is His will. We pray your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Now we have to act on it.

Our thoughts can be like a prayer. God can read our thoughts. The devil can’t read our thoughts. He can input his thoughts into us. We have to discern our thoughts. What is good, acceptable and perfect are good thoughts. What is lustful, negative and destructive are evil thoughts. What are selfish, proud and negative thoughts are fleshly thoughts. When we think Godly thoughts they produce fruit that lasts. We reap an abundant life with Godly thoughts. Likewise we reap a curse when we think evil thoughts about ourselves or others. Our thoughts attract other thoughts and this is why we need to be careful about what we think. We should not harbour negative thoughts as they are like a ship that will stay at port for a long time.

God spoke and He formed the universe and all that is in it. Jesus spoke and He moved mountains of disease and sickness and worked miracles. We too can speak His now word and shift things in the natural realm. Sickness and disease will have to bow to our spoken word. Demons will have to leave at the mention of His Name. Our spoken words are powerful to induce change. Words affect not only the earthly realm but also the spiritual realms. Our words carry His power to perform what they were sent forth to do.

We need to act on what we say. Our words must be followed by action. There is no point saying I will pray for you without action. We need to feed the poor, comfort the suffering and bring deliverance to the captive. This may mean that we need to visit those who are in prison, hospital, nursing homes and so on. The disciples acted and their actions are recorded in the book of Acts. We need to act and continue to write the book of acts. This will be our testimony of the actions of the Holy Spirit through us.

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