Judgement Belongs To The Lord. So Why Do We Judge Others ?

The Bible says that judgement belongs to the Lord. Yet we are so quick to judge the behaviour of others! Why is this so? I think this is the result of our own soul that struggles to deal with sinful behaviours in our own lives. It is easy to judge others and feel better in ourselves for it. The Bible has a lot to say about hypocrisy. We blind ourselves to our own sin when we judge others. This is one way we defend ourselves. The Pharisees were masters at keeping the law but their hearts were far from God. Jesus pointed this hypocrisy out to them and was threatened with death. Their hatred was displayed for all to see. Our hearts are deceptive and we easily fall into this hypocritical state of mind. What is the way of escape?

Total transparency is the only way to keep ourselves from judging and condemning others. We all operate in roles. We have a work role, church role, home role etc. We behave differently in these roles. It is as if we operate as different persons in these roles. The work role may so overtake our life that we feel we are nothing outside that role. We forget that we are more than our work role. Work is only part of our daily life but ca Judgement Belongs To The Lord. So Why Do We Judge Others ?n be all-consuming. A role is necessary to carry out a function. However when the role takes over our personality we are in danger of sacrificing our life for the role. When a husband behaves like a manager at home, he becomes a control freak rather than a loving husband. 

Transparency results in us becoming aware of our fallen state. We are slow to judge others and quick to confess our own weaknesses. We walk a repented life knowing that we would go the same way as a fallen brother but for God’s grace. This may not be the cool thing to do  amongst most people who live fake lives. However this is the only way to live a Godly life. There will be less defensiveness and more openness and others will trust us more. This is the only way to keep us from error. Apostle Paul said he would rather boast of his weaknesses than his victories. Why? To keep him always humbled before the Lord who knows our hearts. Therefore stop judging others and leave judgement to the Lord. This is the best place to be with God and with others.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

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