Think Your Way To Health, Wealth And Prosperity.

God is good and He desires the best for His children. He has revealed His will to us through His word. However few search the scriptures to know His will. Most fear God as He is perceived as a judge and not a Father. God is a God of love and justice. He is truth and His truth is absolute. His truth is not an opinion but absolute truth, which is a certainty based on His character. God judges fairly and in Him there is no fear. We fear that which we are guilty of. For example, we fear punishment because of our sin. God provided the solution for our sin in Jesus. Now we are free to be His children who can call Him Father.

God’s promises are true and never change. Apostle John prayed that his friend Gaius be in health in his body even as his soul prospers (3 John 1:2). This means that as we are changed by His word we receive His goodness. We are changed and transformed by His word. It is like brain washing. We need to be transformed in our thinking to be changed, healed and restored. God’s word reveals Himself to us and we become like Him as we gaze into His face. We are transformed from a beast to a beauty. We are transformed from our carnal self to our Christ-like self. Our thoughts are renewed in line with His word. We learn to trust His word more than our thoughts or the opinions of others.

Prosperity is our lot when we walk with the Lord. Poverty is not God’s will for us. God is a rich God. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. In heaven the roads are paved with gold. Poverty is of the devil whose agenda is to steal, kill and destroy. God’s will is that we prosper not only in wealth but in health and in our soul. Therefore let us today begin to trust His word, meditate on His word and be transformed into His image. We are called to be priests and kings and we must think like a Priest and a King.  We become what we think in our innermost thoughts.

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