Your Thoughts Are Powerful To Tear Down Or Build Up.

Your thoughts are constantly being processed even when you are not aware of them. Most of us are only partially conscious of the thoughts passing through our mind. It is like a computer processing information that is coming through our senses. We smell something or see something or hear something and all these are being processed. Our thoughts elicit, for example, love or fear responses. These thoughts then fire off our feelings and actions. Fearful thoughts elicit anxiety and dread and we withdraw or break out in a sweat. Once we become aware of our thoughts then we can do something about them. However most of the time we are unaware of these thoughts and only experience our feelings.

Most of our thoughts are at a subconscious level. When we decide to focus on our thoughts we will be able to identify some of the trigger thoughts that spark off our healthy or unhealthy feelings. Once we become aware of our unhealthy thoughts we can capture them and analyse them. Are these thoughts true or false? Can they be challenged and reversed? This process of analysis and change is what the Bible calls the transformation of our minds (Romans 12:2) . We are transformed through the renewal of our minds. These culprit thoughts are like a telegram, short and sharp. They lie below our conscious thoughts. Some examples of unhealthy thoughts are as follows: I am a failure; I will never amount to anything; I am a loser. Challenge these thoughts with thoughts based on what God says about you: You are fearfully and wonderfully made; You are a winner; You have been destined for greatness.

When we become aware of the power of our thoughts then we will begin to monitor them more consciously. Our dreams are a signal of the the type of thoughts we entertain. When we sleep we are less prone to filter our thoughts. Fearful dreams maybe an indicator of entertaining fearful thoughts. Replace those fearful thoughts with thoughts of love and peace. Our thoughts are precursors to our words. We can speak aloud against these fearful thoughts and cancel them. They can be demolished by our words. God’s words spoken aloud are like cannons that blast mountains to dust. Every mountain of disease and disorder will disintegrate at the Name of Jesus.

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