Fix Your Heart On The Healer, Not On Your Healing.

God is a Healer. His perfect will is to heal all who come to Him, because Jesus healed all who came to Him. Why then do we see many not healed after years of prayer? Could it be because we are waiting for our healing rather than fixing our heart on the Healer? Sickness and disease could be a distraction like symptoms are to the body. A painful little toe can take all our attention and we forget that the rest of our body is well. We spend so much time being distracted by the painful toe and neglect the rest of our body. The devil sends us distractions to keep us focussed on our symptoms rather than keeping our heart fixed on our Creator. This is the time to shift our attention and treat our symptoms as irritations sent to distract us.

Jesus came that we may be delivered from the devil. He came to destroy the works of the devil. The devil is the god of this world and he can only affect us if we give into temptation. He sends diseases and disorders to keep us from our assignment given by God. Paul had some thorn that affected him and yet God allowed it. He said God’s  grace was sufficient to keep him. He did not let this distract him from his mission. We too are called to keep our heart fixed on God and He will take care of our symptoms. Nothing can touch us when we acknowledge Jesus as Lord. He is Lord of our body and He is our Healer.

Today let us remember that the Healer lives in us. When we keep our heart fixed on Him then everything else will flow from Him. Nothing is too hard for the Lord. We belong to Him and He will take care of us. He has promised us abundant life and we accept nothing less here and now. The devil has no right to us and thus we can cancel any and every power he has over us. We are free to be as God has called us to be.

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