What Is Your Narrative? Mine Is The Word Of God.

We all have narratives that determine our walk in life. Our narratives influence our world view and therefore the stance we take in politics, moral values etc. If we are liberal then we tend to be inclusive and accepting of others. If we are conservative we tend to be restrictive and exclusive. These narratives are made over time and also tend to be familial. We tend to hold to that which runs in our family of origin. Some of us will actively rebel against these family views and become the black sheep in the family. Family values have a powerful way of running our lives. Some ruin us and others strengthen us. Understanding your narrative may give you some understanding of why you behave in certain ways. They are powerful propellers that drive our daily lives.

Narratives born out of worldly systems tend to support worldly attitudes. Worldly attitudes tend to be largely amoral and therefore are largely selfish and callous. People with such attitudes are concerned about themselves and no one else. The world is driven by greed and lust for power and self aggrandisement. In such a narrative there is little concern for the other person. Everything is driven by a lust to improve one’s lot at the expense of others. One can see this played out in our world where decisions are made purely based on self interest. This may work for a while but ultimately is self destructive. Addictions and other selfish states often arise from a lust based on greed and power. The lust for power usually is the driver.

A Godly narrative based on the Word of God, on the other hand, is primarily driven by the love of God and a love for God. God has revealed Himself to man and those who find Him find true love. God’s love always serves and never controls. Father God loves His creation. He sent His own Son Jesus to redeem mankind. He created us and now longs to bring us back into His fold. We were lost in this fallen world and now He leads us to Himself. We choose to follow Him. This narrative will drive us to Him and life eternal. Come drink from His well and be saved today from a worldly narrative to a Godly narrative.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

One thought on “What Is Your Narrative? Mine Is The Word Of God.

  1. Thanks a lot brother!! May God richly bless you and your ministry,in thé word of God!

    Yes if we need that spécial Godly Narrative,we must be rooted in thé Word of God! We must feed ourselves with thé word of God, for getting rid of our self Narrative. Thé true word from thé Bible! Thank you!


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