I Don’t Run On Feelings. I Run On Faith.

Feelings are real and this is what makes us human. To feel is to know who I am as a human. Our feelings teach us what it means to empathise with another. When we see someone crying we naturally respond with sadness. When we see someone laughing and happy we too feel happy. Feelings make us feel alive and present. We could be having a happy or sad memory and this could evoke feelings from the past. Feelings however are like the weather and will pass. When we allow our feelings to dictate our decisions then we could run into problems. Feelings should only alert us and guide us to make the right decisions and not decide for us. 

Feelings are not right or wrong. They are just feelings. Some of us feel guilty when we feel angry. This compounds the problem. Anger is good when it is controlled. It means something is not right. If we have a sense of justice then anger could be a response to being wronged. So also other feelings are just responses to a situation or person. They are not the end but only a guide to help us come to a decision. We must never let our feelings dictate how we decide on an issue, because our feelings can cloud our judgement. In this case it is best to take a break and decide later when we are more composed.

A self-controlled person knows how to use his feelings to help him decide and not to decide for him. Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit. Such a person knows when to use his feelings to his advantage. Feelings can  help us to move away from danger or wrong relationships. Without feelings we become like a stone. We don’t react and people will find us cold and distant, which will affect our relationships. No one wants to be friends with a cold and distant person. People are attracted to warm and vibrant others.

Running on faith is to be led by the Holy Spirit. This does not discount feelings but feelings are secondary. Faith calls for trust in the fact  that God is in control. Faith believes and so is prepared to take risks. Faith does not depend on feelings, but depends on the word of God. His word fires up our faith to do what appears impossible or illogical. Faith moves me to pray for someone on his death bed. I operate in faith when I am surrendered to His will and His purpose. Faith is what pleases God and it operates in the unseen world and brings the miracle into the seen world. God spoke both worlds into being. We can create in both worlds when we run on faith.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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