Your Thoughts Framed By The Word Of God Has Power To Move Mountains.

Your thoughts are powerful to bring about change. God’s thoughts can transform lives and situations. Man’s thoughts are natural. God’s thoughts are supernatural. The Word of God is supernatural. The Word and the Spirit are as one. God’s Spirit dwells in His word. Jesus is the living Word of God. The Bible is the written word of God. When we believe this then His word becomes alive to produce fruit. Fruit is the manifestation of life. Where there is no life there is no fruit. Many read His Word but don’t believe it. This is to read it as a letter and not as the living word of God. This is the difference between the religious and the faithful. 

Now imagine what power is released when the word of God frames your thoughts. God’s word will begin to transform you from within. This transformation will affect your perception of things outside you. It will affect your relationships and your destiny. Once you walked according to the law of the world. Now you walk according to His word and His Spirit. This is an about turn from the path leading to hell to a path leading to heaven. Heaven is now your destiny. His word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. His word is the lamp but it is darkened to those who are blind. Those who see can walk in the path wherever it leads.

The word of God spoken by faith can move mountains. This is the key to victory. Speaking the word of God is to speak His will into being. If my mountain is sickness then I can speak His word of healing and see my healing manifested. If my mountain is poverty then I can speak to that mountain with God’s word of prosperity and cancel the curse of poverty. God’s word is His perfect will. Therefore when I speak His word it will manifest the fruit. Jesus spoke and the lame man walked. His word had power because He did the perfect will of God. Now we can do the same in Jesus’ Name.

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