Keeping Confidences Is Related To A Selfless Life

Relationships are built on trust. Trust means we keep what is shared in confidence to our self. Moreover, we don’t gossip about others. We can be trusted with what is shared with us by another. This is what is lacking in the world today. Many people don’t trust the words of another. Much communication is distorted and like Chinese whispers secrets are shared and distorted. Lies abound in the fake news and no one knows what is the truth anymore. This only breeds insecurity and a lack of faith in others. What is the remedy for this fake state of affairs? 

Trust in God is the remedy for a world that revolves around lies. God is our Father and when we trust Him we are able to be honest with each other. Satan is the father of lies, but God is the Father of truth. We are able to be vulnerable with each other when we operate from a platform of trust. When we trust God to be the judge then we are not involved in the game of one-upmanship, and furthermore we seek to serve and not to lord it over others. How much the world needs to see this in the church. Yet the church mimics the world rather than the other way round.

God is calling for a body of believers who will forsake all and trust in Him. He died for the whole world, which includes you and me. What manner of love is this, that a man will lay down his life for another? Yet God knew this was the only way to prove His love for us. Today, turn to Him, let go of your insecurity, and trust in Him. He will help you to turn from your wicked ways and walk with Him. I choose to follow Him and to trust Him with everything. I can keep confidences and build trust with my fellow brethren and prove to the world that unity is possible for those who seek it.

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