It Is Not What Man Says But What God Says That Matters

God created man for His pleasure. However through the Fall man lost his fellowship with God. Man now orders His world the way he feels like it. This means that man decides how he wants to live in this world. Sin has tarnished every aspect of our lives. We are now fallen beings in a fallen world. This is the Biblical position and those who believe that the Bible is the word of God stand on this. Fallen man however rejects God’s word as mythology and so decides to do what he thinks is right. This then causes the moral drift that leads to all kinds of disorder in society.

God has made a way of escape from this chaotic and confused situation. He provided an answer for the fall of man into sin. His answer is Jesus who came to pay the price for our sin by dying as a sacrifice on the Cross. Now we can choose to avail ourselves of His answer or reject it. Most people are blind to sin and therefore it takes a spiritual intervention for our spiritual eyes to be opened. This is called the born-again experience. When our eyes are opened we see sin for what it is. This is why a spiritual man cannot be judged by a worldly person. It is as if we are from two different worlds. No amount of discussion can remove the blindness. 

It is time now for Christians to pray that the spiritual blindness that affects the world be removed. Satan who is the god of this world wants to keep us blind and bound. God wants to liberate us and give us abundant life. We can live the heavenly abundant life now. This is possible for anyone who will call on the only Name under heaven by which they can be saved. Jesus saves and He is the only way the spiritually blind can see. Once we see then many things we thought were right are wrong. Truth replaces lies and we will stand for truth. The Holy Spirit will help us see the truth and His word will confirm it. This is the only way we can be free to be who we were created to be. This spiritual sight is available to all who will repent and turn to Jesus to save them.

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