All The Gifts And Fruits Of The Spirit Are Received The Same Way You Were Born Again

Amazing as it is, it is true that we receive all things from God by faith. Anyone who comes to the Lord must believe that He is. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Faith demands that we believe He is who He says He is. This is where many fail to enter into the promises of God. We want to see the evidence of our faith before we believe. We must first believe before we see. The evidence will come forth as we walk by faith and not by sight. As humans we refuse to believe what we do not see. This is to walk by sight or with our natural eyes. The person with eyes of faith believes and steps out in faith and receives.

Many live a deficient Christian life and get into a religious lifestyle. They are happy to follow the rules and rituals rather than believe. Religion is a set of rules that they follow. No belief is required. They do things as a routine and are bound by these rules. Religion can be a trap. This is to live by the law which results in death. In the Spirit a different law operates, which is the law of the Spirit. This results in life and that more abundantly. To live by the Spirit is to trust God at His word and not doubt. When God says He will give us His Spirit this is exactly what He means. The 120 disciples waited in the upper room and received the promised infilling of His Spirit. 

We receive all the gifts and fruit of the Spirit by faith, just as we came to know Jesus as our Lord and Saviour by faith. So also we receive all He has for us by faith. When we ask for the gifts we will receive whatever we ask for . When we ask for more love we will receive supernatural love. Many of us start our Christian walk by faith but then operate in the flesh by following rules. This is fleshly and does not please God. In the Spirit we can overcome the flesh and not walk in fleshly ways. God is calling for a generation of people who will walk by faith. The children of Israel walked by faith in the desert and God fed and watered them for 40 years with heavenly manna and water. Today He is calling us to also walk by faith.

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