How To Differentiate Between A Soul-based Ministry And A Spirit Based Ministry.

In these days of confusion and many voices, we need the spirit of discernment to know the difference between what is spoken from the soul and what is from the Spirit. Many have trained themselves to speak well and to sell their wares like a good salesman. This kind of ministry whets the soul and appears good and convincing. However it only gives us good feelings as it ministers to our soul which includes our mind and emotions. We tend to be convinced by clever logic and a powerful display of emotions. Our soul loves such preaching because it stimulates our mind and emotions. Many are seduced by this kind of preaching and train themselves to imitate it. Scripture is quoted and sold as good and healthy but it only ministers to our soul and not to our spirit. Many ministries today tickle the ears of their hearers but their spirits are not fed.

Spirit-based ministry is revelational. Our spirit receives revelation from the Holy Spirit and this is then revealed to our mind. It has a different sound and feeling to it. Our spirit begins to warm to the messages and we become built up in our spirit. Consequently, our soul begins to  prosper as our mind is renewed and we begin to discern the difference between the soul-based and Spirit-based ministries. Sin and repentance are preached. The Cross and the Blood are preached. Dying to self and taking up your cross and following Jesus are taught.  There are no opinions or issues where one can agree to disagree. Truth is taught as absolute truth and not relative truth. There is no grey area as light is separate from darkness. The captives are set free as the demons flee and the sick are made whole, demonstrating that signs and wonders follow the Spirit-based preaching of the word.

In this world we will be faced with choices. The devil is out to compromise and dilute the message of the Cross. We would be led to believe that there is more than one way to heaven. Jesus will be accepted by many as one of several ways to God. A gospel according to the world will be motivational and sound good but lead many to hell. The devil will appear as an angel of light and many will be swayed by the new gospel. Be warned that such a broad way only leads to death and not life. It sounds and feels attractive and new but the end is not good. Discern any soul-based preaching and be led by the Spirit and do not be led away from the truth that Jesus is the only way to the Father.

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