How To Tap From The Resources In Heaven

Heaven is as real as earth. In other words, the spiritual realm is as real as the earthly realm. Many have tapped into the spiritual realm but unwittingly tapped into the demonic realm. God is Spirit and He dwells in the third heaven where demons have no right of entry. Demons dwell in the second heaven after Satan was thrown out of the third heaven. Jesus came to redeem us so that now we can sit with Him in the third heaven. This is the inheritance of all who have made Jesus lord of their life. Now we have access to the resources of heaven. How then can we tap into the heavenly resources?

God has made it possible for us through Jesus to enter into heaven and bring to earth all that we need to live a heavenly life on earth. His love, peace, joy and riches in heaven are available to us now. The secret is in knowing Him and following Him. He has given us His Holy Spirit as a first deposit to assure us of His presence in us. We now can through His Spirit avail ourselves of anything we ask for. We can ask for healing, righteousness and riches according to His will. His will is to bless us and others through us. Jesus came to die for us and cancel the penalty of death brought about through sin. Now we can access the heavenly riches and live.

We are spirit beings and have the ability to commune with God who is spirit. We cannot see Him yet we can know Him. We are sons of God and just as Jesus communed with His Father so can we. We can come to Him directly and know His mind. He will also lead us and guide us. All we need to do is surrender all to Him and let Him lead us. He trusts us and we can trust Him for He has promised us abundant life, which is for eternity. This life on earth is a speck compared to eternity. It is this eternal life that makes it possible for us to tap into the eternal resources. We can ask and it will be given to us. Today tap into the resources of heaven and be blessed. I am so blessed to know Him as my Lord and Saviour.

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