Why Did Jesus Pray So Much?

Jesus came in the form of man as the Son of man. He walked on earth as a man like you and me. Yet He was also the Son of God. We also are sons of God if we are born again in the spirit. Jesus paved the way for us in showing us how to commune with the Father through prayer. He needed power to walk on earth as the Son of man. This was not automatic as He needed to fight the power of sin and the devil and not commit any sin. He was the sinless lamb of God. His main mission was to be the holy unblemished sacrifice of God. To fulfil this He had to go through all the trials and temptations that we face. He did this only through the power of the Holy Spirit in Him.

Now we too can do the same. If Jesus had to spend so much time in prayer, what about us? We too need to spend time with the Father to be strengthened in our spirit to overcome the temptations of our flesh, the world and the devil. Yet we try and do this in the strength of our flesh rather than our spirit. This is where we have compromised and allowed the world and the devil to mould us into their ways. God’s ways are not the same as the world’s ways. The way of the world is broad while His way is narrow. His way is the way of the Cross, which is death to self and the world. We too need to be like Jesus and operate in the power of the Spirit.

Could it be that we face so many failures because we choose to do it our way rather than Christ’s way? This is the challenge we face today. We need to be filled with the Spirit and walk in the Spirit as Jesus did. This means spending time in prayer and doing only what we see the Father doing. This is a learning process and we have to start somewhere today. Today is the day of salvation if we heed His call. There are no short cuts. Today let us separate ourselves from the world and pray to the Father and be strengthened to walk in His way. In this manner, we will imitate Jesus and become like Him.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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