Breathe In The Atmosphere Of Heaven And Live

Heaven is real as is earth and all the planets in the universe. God spoke the heavens into being as He did in all that was created. God is the Creator of all things and He resides in heaven. There are atmospheres around us which we dwell in and live in. Earth has an atmosphere and animals and plants grow and flourish in this atmosphere. Heaven too has an atmosphere which is different from the atmosphere on earth. In heaven all things are in a form that we don’t experience on earth. Light and sound are magnified and multidimensional. God and his angels reside in this atmosphere. Those who have gone ahead have a different body and dwell in heaven. Those who have visited heaven give us a glimpse of what heaven is like.
We can live in the atmosphere of heaven on earth. In the spirit we can breathe the atmosphere of heaven. The spirit realm is beyond the realm of the physical. The spirit world is like breath, wind and light. When we connect with the spirit world we begin to live by the spirit. The Holy Spirit who dwells in our spirit helps us to commune in the spirit. In this atmosphere although limited by our flesh, we can experience something of heaven. We can see visions and have dreams. We can experience heaven on earth and be enlightened. Wisdom and knowledge is imparted to us from another realm. Discoveries are made and break through occurs.
Living in the heavenly atmosphere is like living on another planet. There is love, peace and joy and life everlasting. There is no fear and death has lost its sting. Disease and disorder vanish and health and order reigns. How good it is to know that it is possible to live this life now when we connect with the Spirit. This was the original plan till sin entered the world. Now God is redeeming us to Himself so that we can live a heavenly life here now on earth. This is only possible because Jesus came to redeem the world to Himself. He does not want anyone to perish and calls all to experience this heavenly life. Come now to the river of life and live like there is no tomorrow

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