Thoughts Are External Till They Are Accepted By The Receiver.

Many struggle with their thoughts even after they are born again in the spirit. Thoughts are like missiles sent to discourage the believer. We can entertain these thoughts or reject them. Most of us accept these thoughts because we think they are our thoughts. This is to personalise the thoughts but this may only cause guilt and suffering. Many are caught up in recurring thoughts of lust or anger and jealousy. These are a trap to keep the believer imprisoned in a make believe prison. We need to discern the thoughts that come to us and take control of them. 
Once we realise that thoughts are like birds that fly around, then we can take action to prevent them building a nest in our mind. We need to see our thoughts as external to us to be able to prevent them taking residence. This insight alone will help to take a step back and resist the negative thought. Thoughts enabled become habits that will then become part of our character. Good thoughts will build good habits. Watch your thoughts. Are they ones that you would entertain? If not reject them immediately however enticing they be. Thoughts do stir up your feelings and once your feelings are sparked it becomes more difficult to be set free. Habits are difficult to break because emotions are involved but not impossible. Demons attach themselves to habits and make a habitation there. 
The way of escape is to be filled in the Spirit and allow the Holy Spirit to take over our will. Our will is the decision part of us that needs to allow what comes in. It is like a filter that filters in what is good and blocks what is bad. The Holy Spirit will help us in our weakness and strengthen us in our weakness. The spiritual walk is met with challenges in body, mind and spirit. We have to be vigilant to not allow what is of the world to infiltrate us. This can happen slowly and subtly. The Holy Spirit is our watchman and He will alert us to what is evil and to be resisted. Watch what you see and hear for it is through these channels that we give entry to negative thoughts.
We are a new creation in Christ Jesus. However many of us still live as if the old is still alive and current. Why is this so? This is so because we fail to enter into the abundant life Christ has promised us. Just like the Israelites we wander around in circles rather than enter the promised land. Today decide to allow the Holy Spirit to filter your thoughts so that you are free from its torment. Live as His new creation and never give in to the temptations of the world or the devil. Those who persevere to the end will inherit the riches promised.

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