Believers Must Unite On Absolute Truth And Not Be Divided By Opinions Or Experiences.

We live in days that call us to choose daily whom we will serve. These are the days of many opinions and persuasions and many are led this way and that. It is vital that we know whom we believe and not be swayed by this way and that. We must build our lives on the solid rock and not the sand of division and opinions. Many in the church have fallen away because a leader has fallen. We have only one leader and He is Jesus Christ. This is absolute truth. He is the only way, truth and life. Anyone else is a thief and a robber. Therefore choose this day whom you will serve.
Absolute truth is absolute. There are no grey areas here. It is black and white. In heaven there are no opinions. Jesus says it and it is done. We have to choose to believe Him for He is absolute truth. His Holy Spirit will confirm His word and we will know if it is the truth. He will lead us into all truth. God’s word is the truth. Man may misinterpret His word. This is where we see so many divisions in the church. One man’s experience is not the truth. It is an experience and nothing more. His church was founded on truth and not experience. We must hold on to firmly to what is written in His word and not be led astray by interpretations of His word. 
This is the time of separation of the goats from the sheep, the tares from the wheat. Our foundation is Jesus Christ who is Lord and He is the only one who rose from the dead. He rose to testify that He is the truth. He would be like any other leader if He was still in the tomb. His resurrection confirms He is God for no man has power over death. He gives life and that is eternal. We live forever when we believe in Him. He is the source of all things and to Him be all the glory. Today let us unite in Him and live for Him.

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