Are You Driven Or Are You Led?

Many are driven in life to achieve. They have a passion to be someone and in that process will give all to their mission. However there is a danger in this. The danger is that anything that drives you could also harm you. Goats are driven while sheep are led. Anything that drives you has the potential to destroy you. The devil drove Judas to betray Jesus. Demonic forces tend to drive people to do things that they never intended to do. Many impulsive actions are done because emotions have driven someone to act. Murders and accidents occur when one is driven to do things only to regret the actions later.
Being led is from a place of rest. Jesus only did what He saw His Father doing. He always consulted His Father and never did anything outside His will. To be led is to be secure where we are. When we are secure in the Father’s love then we will be content to be and do at His bidding. Many are driven by their passion to achieve. Ask yourself if you are driven or led. He leads us beside still waters. There is a sense of peace and tranquility in being led. When we are driven we tend to be flustered and agitated and annoy others.
God is calling us to come to the place where we know the Father’s love and are content in His presence. From this place one can be led to green pastures and be nourished and fed. There is no restlessness here. One is content to be led. There are no control issues and people around us will feel safe. Discern your leading for many have crashed through relentless effort. Many start out well but get burnt out through striving. God wants us to rest and be led by His Holy Spirit. Be blessed as you seek to be led by His Spirit.

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