Hearing And Understanding. Seeing And Perceiving.

Photo by Zuzana Ruttkayova on Pexels.com

We hear a lot of things and see a lot of things. However this hearing and seeing is wasteful if there is no understanding of what we hear. This was the problem when Jesus walked on earth and it is still a problem today. We hear things but we do not understand. What we hear passes through our brain and then we forget what we heard. To understand what we hear, we need to listen to what is said. Listening is a higher form of hearing. We listen to understand what is said. Even here we can understand with our mind or with our heart. Both are essential to understand what we hear. It is understanding with the heart that results in revelation, which is the so-called aha! experience when the light bulb comes on.

We also see a lot of things especially through media and films. We are a very visual generation and are bombarded with images all day. Yet we need to perceive what we see to understand what we see. Many today see life as a movie. We watch our lives passing by like we watch a movie and then forget what we just saw till the next movie. What a waste of our life. Life is for living not just to watch and forget. When we perceive what we see we will get rooted and changed. Transformation only comes through understanding the truth. Jesus died and rose again. This is the truth but lack of understanding keeps many from receiving the truth. Many hear the good news of the gospel but never receive the salvation in it. 

As in the days of the apostles so also today we declare the good news but few listen and perceive the truth in it. They either oppose it or ignore it. The devil has blinded us from seeing and receiving. This applies in all areas of life. What we dismiss will not have any lasting effect on us. We will be like dreamers who dream but no action follows. We will be like clouds with no rain. Come today and listen to the good news of God’s message of salvation and receive the truth that Jesus is the only way to the Father and be saved. This will change your life forever and heaven will be your final destiny.

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