Operating In The Flesh Is Like Wandering In The Desert

The flesh is that part of our being that consists of our body and soul. We are aware of our body through our senses. Our soul houses our thoughts, emotions and will. We know ourselves through our thoughts and feelings. Our flesh is part of our conscious being. The spirit however is dead until we are born again (Eph 2:5). We were once blind but now we see when our spirit is born again. This born-again experience confuses many like Nicodemus. He took it literally and asked if he needed to go back into his mother’s womb to be born again. So also when we operate in the flesh we are blind to spiritual matters or misinterpret what is of the spirit.

I have dreams where I get lost and can’t find my way back. I now know what the interpretation is. Getting lost is a part of the metaphor for wandering in a spiritual desert. I go round in circles trying to find a way back. However I get exhausted in my wandering. I finally find my way back but waste a lot of time and energy. It is so frustrating when the way is actually straight. It is like trying to find my way to a destination but going the round-about way rather than the straight and direct way. In the spirit I can go directly to the Father. When I try doing it in the flesh it is hard work, because I become religious and get caught up in rituals and traditions and never get to the Father. However, there is a direct way to the Father through Jesus.

Now I can come directly to the Father as Jesus did. I don’t have to wander around when I communicate with the Father through my spirit. The Holy Spirit in me helps me in my communion with my Father in heaven. I can walk and talk with Him. His burden is light and His way is truth. There is no confusion and my thoughts are clear. What a freedom I enjoy in the spirit. This is the kind of life Jesus came to give us. Yet we must choose daily how we will walk. With our will we must choose to walk in the spirit. Our “will switch” determines how we will walk. We can walk according to the flesh or the spirit. Choose today to walk by the spirit and be blessed.

Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

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