What Is The Source Of Your Reality?

Reality is a function of many factors both internal and external. We use our senses to make sense of the world around us. We see things and hear things and our brain then interprets these inputs. The interpretation is based on past experience and processes that paint a picture of reality. I may see the same things but interpret what I see differently from you. A half empty glass of water may be perceived by one person as half empty but by another person as half full. Our interpretation makes it real to us. This is our reality. A person could be operating from their life experience and never see the light of day. An elephant is tied to a tree by its leg by a rope and learns that the rope restricts its movement. However when the rope is removed the elephant still thinks it is tied and bound. The reality for the elephant is still bound by its past experience then the present truth.
What is real is therefore a result of what we sense, interpret and experience in life. A poverty mental set will always see life as a struggle and never rise above it. Change the experience and a new reality dawns. Many are stuck in the reality of their experience of life. The past traps many in thinking that the future is a repeat of the past. No change is possible for the security of the past holds them back. When God comes into the equation a new reality is formed. He comes to remove the past and to bring us to a new future. This is what Jesus did. He knew we were stuck in our sin and there was no escape. He came to remove the blemish of sin and bring us to the land of hope.
Spiritual blindness is a real thing and only God can remove it from us. God’s reality is heaven and earth is just a creation. He is our Creator and all we see is but an illusion or copy of the real. Our real being is our spirit. Our body is just the outside casing for our spirit. Reality takes a new meaning when we come to realise that we were born spirit beings and are on a earthly journey. This reality then shifts our whole perspective on life from a earthly realm to a heavenly realm. This shift is what brings about the born again experience. We live in a reality of heaven on earth. Life is eternal and all that we see and feel down here is an illusion, here today and gone tomorrow. Today shift from an earth bound reality to a heavenly reality by confessing Jesus Lord of your life.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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