The Kingdom Of God Is Within You.

Most of us are dependent on seeking external stimulation  to keep us entertained. However during this period of lockdown when my electricity was cut I needed to look within myself to keep me stimulated. Of course it is here where all the stimulation we need exists. The Kingdom of God is within us so all His gifts and fruits are within us. Do you need love, tap into it. Do you need joy, there is plenty of it in the Kingdom. However it is only in times of desperation that we seek for these fruits from within us. We would rather go to meetings and another conference to get  another boost from God. God is saying I am in you. Seek me within you for I abide in you.

How easy it is for us to be distracted from without. Our senses yearn for stimulation. The lust of the eyes yearn to see something new. We will waste time listening to and watching what is the counterfeit of the real. When we watch the counterfeit we will receive counterfeit love and joy. How foolish we are to waste our time in seeking the counterfeit that the world offers rather than the real that the Kingdom of God offers. God renewed our spirit and put His Holy Spirit within us. Now we are complete in Him. It is like the treasure is within us but we must dig to find it.

Digging for treasure appears like a lot of hard work. However in the Spirit it means spending time with the Lord Jesus. The more time we spend with Him the more we become like Him. The goal of Holy Spirit is to transform us into the image of Jesus. Just like the potter who moulds and remoulds  the clay to make the magnificent pot of clay so also Holy Spirit is the potter moulding us into Jesus’ image. Like gold is purified in fire He purifies us through a process which sometimes is painful. All growth involves pain. A child will never walk if he is afraid of falling. Let us spend time with our Maker and see Him mould us into the image of Jesus.

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