What Does It Mean To Operate From Your Spirit?

God made us spirit, soul and body. God is Spirit and we are spirit beings. However through the Fall our spirit was cut off from communion with God. We became like animals and wandered around lost and without a purpose. God ordained for Jesus to come and restore us to a right relationship with Him. This Jesus did through His death and resurrection. Now He has made it possible for all to be in fellowship with the Father through Him. Jesus said He is the way to the Father. Those who choose to follow Him have this promise of eternal life. Eternal death came through the Fall. Eternal life comes through Jesus. 

In the spirit we now can operate by the Holy Spirit who resides in us. He was sent as our Helper, Comforter and Guide (John 14:26 NKJ, AMPC). He will help us in our walk in the spirit. We need to be filled with the Spirit to walk in Him. In the Spirit we are born again but we need to be filled with the Spirit to walk in the Spirit. God has made all this possible for us. All we need to do is surrender to Him. He will do what He promised to do. We have on record testimonies of those who have gone before us testifying that this is true. They faced a lot of persecution and opposition and even death yet they triumphed through the Spirit. Some that faced death were transported straight to heaven. Miracles, signs and wonders followed them and many were saved through their testimony.

Today we too can walk in the Spirit. All we need to do is to choose to walk in Him. He said He abides in us. He is resident in us. We can therefore walk as Jesus walked by listening to His voice in us. We don’t have to run here and there because God is in us. We can go directly to Him and He will make His ways known to us. We can choose to walk according to other voices that we hear or the voice of the Spirit. To listen to the voice of the Spirit gives joy and peace. He will lead us beside still waters and restore our soul. Through Him we get healed and transformed till we become like Jesus. Choose today to walk in the Spirit and be blessed.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

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