The Only Certainty In Life Is Death. The Rest Is An Illusion.

We live life thinking it is going to be forever. This is one way we cope by denying the fact of death. We will all die one day. There is no escape from this event. Some live longer than others but all will die. This may sound morbid but there is hope for those who have put their trust in Jesus. Jesus came to give us eternal life in Him. We can access this life now and never die. Death was vanquished on the Cross and eternal life restored. Death however will produce its fruits in our body. Disease and disorder are part of the fruits of the Fall. We see this all around us in many forms. Evil is real and Satan is the god of this world. However his days are numbered and his destiny is hell.

Life is an illusion when death becomes a reality. What we see and hear and sense will all come to an end. Daily we see things which are only temporary. It is like looking in the mirror. We see ourselves in the mirror as a reflection of who we are. Once we move away we forget what we saw. This is an illusion. So also many things that we see and hear are illusions. They may appear real but only as long as we are near it. Our memories can hold these images but they fade over time. Everything appears to come and go. Nothing appears to be permanent. We fool ourselves by thinking that we have things for life. Death brings home the reality that all these things that we have are only real as long as we are alive. 

Jesus confronted death and faced the Cross that would cancel death forever. He is the truth and in Him we can enjoy the fruit of His death, eternal life. This cannot be bought with money or good works. Those who come to Him must believe that He is the Saviour of the world. Many hear the message but fail to enter into the promises because of unbelief. Satan has blinded the eyes of many and only faith can open their blind eyes. Blind eyes will be open as the Spirit moves over hearts that desire to see the truth. The truth will set you free. Come today to the river of life and be saved from death to life.

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