The Spoken Word Of God Has Power To Transform.

The Word of God is living and has the power of life in it. The Word is a person and His Name is Jesus. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and dwelt amongst men. The word of God and the person of Jesus are one and the same. This means that when we speak the word of God out of our mouth we are literally speaking the Name of Jesus. The word spoken forth in faith has the power and authority to bring life. Without faith the word is just another word like literature. The Bible is the most popular book in the world yet is powerless because it is not believed and received as the Word of God.
There are many good works of literature but none of them have the power of eternal life in them. The word of God comes from God and therefore is eternal. It has survived many generations and many have tried to destroy it but it continues to live on. God’s word cannot be destroyed because God cannot be destroyed. He is the Creator of all things. He can destroy but man cannot destroy Him. It is His authority and power that holds the world together. He created the world through His Word and sustains it through His Word. His endless power is able to transform and renew what is dead and useless. 
His word now spoken by those who believe can do the same works that Jesus did. Jesus spoke and the blind saw and the lame walked. This is the power that is released when we believe His word. How blind we are when we reject His word for alternatives. Satan always has his alternative suggestion but the end is hell. God’s word preserves and has the same life as His. Meditate on His word till you receive the promise in it. His word has many layers and has to be mined to have an effect. It is like an onion with many layers. Each layer brings you into a deeper sense of His life and liberty. Come today and be renewed and transformed by His living word.

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