Walking In The Manifest Supernatural Power Of God

The manifest supernatural power of God is real and available to all. Why then do so few walk in it? Jesus walked in the manifest supernatural power of God.  His original disciples were commissioned to walk in it. They saw evidence of this  as sick bodies were healed and captives set free. Demons manifested and many were delivered from demonic oppression. This was the Kingdom of God being manifested on earth. The Kingdom of God is still here  but little do we see of its manifestation. There appears to be a gap between what is preached and what is seen. Why is this so?

We can only walk in what we know. If we know only what we have been taught and have seen in other ministries then that is all we will see manifested in our ministry.. The disciples saw the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in signs and wonders. Their preaching was followed by signs and wonders. We do not see this in the church today or only see it in fits and starts. God desires us to move in signs and wonders for the Kingdom of God is not just talk but the power of God being manifested. Only those who desire to see the manifest supernatural power of God will walk in it. Do you desire to walk in it?

I do and I have seen this with my own eyes. However I don’t see it happening in the church as we know it. We seem to have settled for the ordinary and not the supernatural. Till we move in the manifest supernatural power of God nothing much will shift on earth. The preaching of the word must be followed by signs and wonders. This is the litmus test of whether we are living in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is here but few walk in it. We are satisfied with the form and not the substance. The form has no power. It is like a building with no life in it. Let us pray for the manifest supernatural power of God to explode amongst us and manifest as it did in the days when Jesus walked on earth.

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

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