Surrender To Jesus Is Only Possible Through Detachment

We sing the song, “I surrender all” but what do we really mean? We cannot surrender what we still hold on to. We can only surrender all once we have detached ourselves from the things that we are attached to. Walking with Jesus in full surrender is only possible through detachment from the things of this world. We cannot have it both ways. We find that we struggle to detach ourselves from the things of this world. This is because we are still in the flesh and our flesh will not give up easily. This is a fight where the flesh wants to hang on but the spirit wants to move on. 

Jesus said that anyone who wants to follow Him must take up his cross and follow Him. Taking up one’s cross is to die to the flesh. This death means detachment from the things of the world that bind us to it. This means we need to forsake all and follow Him. This appears to be a high calling but we can never achieve this through the workings of the flesh. He gave us His Holy Spirit so He will help us in our weakness. This is the only way to follow Him. In the Spirit we can overcome all things. We are not left alone to struggle in life. He sent us a Comforter and Guide to help us in our walk.

All talk and no walk will not get us anywhere. Is this the reason for us not seeing the evidence of the supernatural in our lives? Jesus said that we would do greater works than He did but we don’t even see His works being done. Why is this gap between what we say and believe and the supernatural works? I believe this is because we are still attached to things in this world and not detached from them. Let us today detach ourselves from all things that will keep us attached to this world and surrender all to Jesus.

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