How To Deprogram And Reprogram Your Mind

Our mind is where the battle is. Our spirit has been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. However our soul has to go through a process of transformation. Before we were born again in the spirit our soul was programmed by sin and the enemy of our soul and the world. Now we need to deprogram and reprogram our mind according to the word of God. This is a process and the speed of transformation depends on our desire to walk in the ways of the Lord. Many fall away like Jesus told in the story of the sower and the four types of soil. The cares of the world and pressures will take us away from walking with the Lord. I have found a way to stay in the word and be victorious in our battle.

Firstly we need to leave all and follow Jesus. This is to detach ourselves from  all things in the world including our relationships. This is not easy as we love to be close to people especially members of our family. However Jesus said that we have to leave all, meaning detach ourselves from any involvement that will keep us from following Him. Many will struggle with this high calling. It is not easy to let go of intimate relationships. However this letting go is not to leave our relationships but have a new relationship that is under the Lordship of Jesus. We will now look to God to meet all our needs and not to man.  Many relationships break down because we expect others to meet our needs. This is a shift where we look to God to meet our needs so that we can nourish our relationships with others. This is to love God and love our brother as ourselves. When we are filled with God’s love then we will be able to love our brother as we love ourselves.

Secondly we need to delete the old programme in our minds. Every time we have a repeated thought or feeling from the past we need to delete it. This will make room for the Holy Spirit to come in and heal that area of hurt or unforgiveness. We need to repent and forgive and turn from our wicked ways. In this way we begin to renew our minds with God’ s word and reprogram our mind. Now we will experience new feelings which will lead to changed behaviours. Once we used to feel anger, but now we begin to feel love for the person who hurt us. This is the only way we can fulfil Jesus’ command to love our enemies. Jesus loved Judas even though He knew that he would betray Him. There is no easy way for the flesh is weak but the Spirit is strong and He lives in us. Let us seek to walk in His ways and glorify His Name and win battles.

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