Mental Toughness. How To Be Mentally Tough?

We live in a world where we have to process many things mentally. We sense many things and we process what we sense mentally. Our mental processes are determined by what we have learnt from birth. We develop mentally as we grow. Life experiences that are both good and bad enable us to process and understand our world. We begin to be tough  as we go through bad experiences but some of us buckle under when the pressure gets too much. Some of us are given a good start in life and are able to stand during those bad experiences. Others have had a difficult start but have learnt how to be strong despite the circumstances. Our responses to challenging situations determine whether we will stand or fall. How then can we learn from this and be strong mentally?

Having a strong faith in God can help us in this process. His love and strength can help us to stand when everything around us is breaking down. Knowing the love of God deep in our heart is a solid foundation to mental toughness. Having good relationships can also help us get through tough times. This life is an illusion and what appears solid changes with time. We think nothing will change but life is changed when a calamity like a storm or flood destroys what we have. When we come to the place where we recognise that this world is temporary and nothing lasts, then we become resilient. Resilience is a characteristic of those who have learnt to surmount difficulties and challenges in life. We build resilience by confronting challenges and not running away and hiding. 

Positive relationships and support from others help in building mental toughness. However at the end of the day we all have to stand alone when everyone leaves us. Jesus was left alone when He went through the desert. We will have times when we too have to go through the desert. These are times when we have to rely on God to fill us and sustain us. It is our connection with Him that will help us when things go sour. It is during the down times when the tough get going. The good times are good but do not challenge us. We have to be willing to go through these down times to become tough. Trust God always to help you through these down times and be victorious.

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