Crucifying The Flesh Daily Is The Key To Operating In Resurrection Power

Jesus made the way for us to live in the Spirit and not in the flesh. He knew the flesh is under the power of sin but He came to redeem our spirit. We can now live in the resurrected power of Christ in the Spirit. We need however to reckon our flesh dead to experience the resurrection power. There is no resurrection without death. However this death to the flesh is something we need to do daily. Our flesh will continue to be our default position unless we reckon it dead. When we partake of the communion we proclaim this death with Christ on the Cross to the flesh. The Cross is what made the resurrection real. This resurrection power is now available to us today.

The church however appears to have compromised with the flesh and given in to the ways of the world. What we see in the world is a compromised church. However there is a remnant that believes and pursues the life of Christ on earth. Jesus walked in resurrection power  after His death. He now has afforded this same death and resurrection power to us who believe. This is the truth. Now we can live that life He promised, otherwise He is a liar. But God does not lie. The problem is with us if we are not experiencing resurrection power now.

The way is narrow for those who want to live a crucified life here on earth. There are no short cuts to heaven. However God has provided a way by His Holy Spirit. His Spirit empowers us as we die to self and surrender all to Him. This is a daily walk and He helps us live in resurrection power. This is why Jesus said that we could do greater works than what He did. In the Spirit we can walk in resurrection power and reverse the laws of nature. Creative miracles and healings can occur. We will be able to translocate to places in the Spirit. All that Jesus did and more is possible. Will we choose today to walk a crucified life and live in resurrection power?

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